A Legend, A Man Bigger Than Life


Sparrows were shocked and rocked by the death of a great man. 


While I am sad beyond words known to me, and cannot find the words to describe the feeling, I feel blessed and privileged that my life, like many many others, has been touched by one of the greatest souls.


Leroy passed away, only to remind us the memories, the lessons and the values he presented with his life to thousands of others and the positive attitude and the love he did spread wherever he has been.


Leroy was a caring friend, loving father, kind human and passionate wheelchair basketball player whose message was love wherever he was and whatever he did.


He was the gentlest and kind person I have ever known in my wheelchair basketball life, who taught me and many others, concepts beyond any other coach can ever do.


He was the symbol of what the real wheelchair basketball stood for, he was not after power, or qualifications to make money from the game, he was not rewarded by the Queen or country or fame, or fortune and he never got the recognition he deserved while he was alive. I hope he, his countless contributions and achievements would be recognised now, at least in our hearts and memories. I hope it would be recognised how the meaning, culture, dimensions and colours of the game were changed to become most inclusive and beautiful in spite of all the barriers, because of Leroys of our world.


We shall remember him with love and carry on all the memories, as he shall be alive and with us, so long as his lessons, love and memories live with us.


Love you all, as this great man would.


Join me in sharing his memory.


Thinking of Leroy